What Are Some Modern Bathroom Design Ideas From HGTV?

What Are Some Modern Bathroom Design Ideas From HGTV?

Modern bathroom design ideas from HGTV include sculptured bathtubs, elegantly curved pedestal sinks for small spaces, dual sinks for master bathrooms and walk-in oversized showers with multiple jets. Strategic recessed lighting also adds a sense of clean-lined elegance to a bathroom space.

Instead of tucking that bathtub in a corner, modern bathrooms often make it a focal point. One option is to pick a free-standing sculptured design that's flush with the floor. Putting that tub next to an oversized window with a panoramic view is also a trend. Most modern tubs are made of acrylic or a similar material and come in a variety of colors. Options include deep, soaker tubs or jetted tubs, good for hydrotherapy sessions.

The type of sink is largely determined by space and personal taste. Pedestal sinks work well in small bathrooms or half-baths. For a modern look, the sink is clean-lined and the pedestal is slightly curved from floor to the base of the sink. The plumbing mechanism is hidden inside the back of the pedestal.

Dual sinks are preferred for master bathrooms. Options include one long vanity with two inserted basins, or separate fixtures, with perhaps storage space in between. Either way, the frills of the Victorian age should be avoided.

Multiple jets are preferred in showers, as well as frameless shower glass. Natural stone for the walls and floor, recessed lighting and a skylight also help give a bathroom a modern feel.