How Do Modern Balcony Railings Differ From Traditional Ones?


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Traditional balconies are typically made from wood and stone materials and feature various artistic fixtures and elements that highlight stand-alone craftsmanship, while modern balconies are typically made with metal and combination materials that showcase form and function with modern design elements. Many contemporary balcony designs also feature minimalist decors and use decorative fixtures, such as glass, to create a certain visual effect outside the home.

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Wrought iron is a modern balcony construction material that is used in traditional styles and decorations. Many balcony designs feature combinations of wood and wrought iron to create smooth and durable wood surfaces with decorative stands that showcase different images and decorative elements. Similarly, metals, such as aluminum, make up the top and bottom sections of the balcony while glass fills the middle to create a minimalist effect.

Traditional wood railings, by themselves, may consist of different types of wood or wood combinations, and they may take numerous forms and styles, such as traditional Gothic, Victorian or contemporary. Builders frequently use materials such as composite wood in balconies to emulate the appearance of wood while removing the cons. In modern apartments and larger residential configurations, balconies are made with stone or cement, though they may also feature other decorative elements, such as metal or wood.

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