What Are Some Models of Superba Refrigerators?

What Are Some Models of Superba Refrigerators?

Side-by-side Superba refrigerator models include the KSBP25INSS, KSBS25INWH, KSBS25INBL and KSRT25CRSS, according to KitchenAid. Model KDDA27TRS has a double drawer design, while KTRA22EMSS is a top freezer refrigerator, but as of March 2015, KitchenAid reports that these models have been discontinued.

Side-by-side models KSBP25INSS, KSBS25INWH and KSBS25INBL have built-in designs with storage spaces that extend almost to the floor. Their glass shelves have raised edges to prevent spills and make cleaning easier. Door bins are see-through and fit containers with one gallon capacities. Filtration systems allow easy access to drinking water.

Model KSRT25CRSS is freestanding. It has adjustable glass shelves, a temperature controlled meat and vegetable locker and a wine rack. The freezer has three storage baskets.

The double drawer set-up of model KDDA27TRS provides a very large total storage area. The two drawers are able to be set at different temperatures for more versatility. The lower drawer also has a pantry mode for storage between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Each drawer has a light and removable wire basket. This model functions either built-in or freestanding.

The top freezer model has a 15.1 cubic foot refrigerator capacity and a 6.4 cubic freezer capacity. The door allows a right-hand swing only. Drawers and shelves in both the refrigerator and freezer roll out for easy access.