What Models Do Maytag Water Heaters Come In?


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Maytag does not manufacture water heaters, though they do offer several products designed for both heating and cooling. Among these items are heat pumps, gas furnaces and oil furnaces, which may or may not serve the purpose of a customer previously decided on purchasing a Maytag brand appliance.

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Though Maytag does not offer or manufacture water heaters, there is a number of retailers who carry a varied assortment of brands and models that might also be applicable to the needs of the interested customer. Notably, Home Depot and Lowe's both provide an extensive selection of electric, gas and hybrid water heaters. Brands of water heaters carried by Lowe's include Envirotemp, POWERFLEX and Whirlpool. Home Depot, on the other hand, predominantly carries Rheem brand water heaters.

Multiple models are available from each of the aforementioned brands. Also, both of these retailers offer online and in-store purchase, delivery and installation options, but only Home Depot boasts same-day delivery of the purchased product. If a customer wishes to purchase his/her desired product online, the respective official websites of the above retailers may prove preferable, especially with the option of in-store pick-up available through both providers, though it is also a viable option to go through the official manufacturer websites.

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