Which Models of Carrier Furnace Have Recalls?

Which Models of Carrier Furnace Have Recalls?

Carrier furnace models HAC 040N(D,E, or F)3RXC, HAC 050N(D,E, or F)3RXC and HAC 060N(D,E, or F)3RXC have all been recalled, as listed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. HAC 070N(D,E,or F)3RXC, HAC 080N(D,E, or F)3RXC and HAC 100N(D,E, or F)3RXC are also included in the recall.

The recall is based on a determination that these furnaces may present a substantial fire hazard. Rods above the furnace may wear down and deteriorate, leading to possible combustion.

The Commission advises customers to have their units inspected by a licensed heating professional to determine whether the heat exchanger rods are damaged. If so, immediate replacement or repair is necessary. The urgency diminishes if there are no signs of damage, but customers should still get the unit replaced or repaired when possible.

A safety warning was issued in September 2000 for the units, which were mostly sold within the state of California. It was then upgraded to a recall, based on government investigations. Under the recall program, customers may be eligible for free inspections, repairs and replacement of the entire unit.

The Safety Commission maintains a comprehensive database for all product recalls within the United States. Consumers can visit the agency's website at CPSC.gov for more information about the recall.