Where Is the Model Number of a GE Refrigerator?


The model number of a GE refrigerator has several possible locations, depending upon the type of refrigerator. For instance, on a bottom-freezer refrigerator, the numbers are placed inside the fresh food section near the top of either side wall. In the freezer, it is on either side wall.

For top-freezer refrigerators, model numbers are located inside the fresh food section, either near the top of the left wall or on either side wall near the crisper drawer. Other spots are behind the crispers, near the temperature controls, at the bottom front edge and near the front of the freezer's ceiling.

Model numbers for side-by-side refrigerators are behind or under the crisper drawers. Inside the fresh food section, the number is posted on the ceiling or on either side wall near the top or near the crispers.