What Is Mobile Home Paneling?

Mobile home paneling can refer to either the interior or exterior vinyl paneling found on most manufactured homes. Mobile home paneling is often an unwanted fixture that homeowners elect to remove in a variety of ways.

Most mobile home paneling is vinyl, due to its weather-resistant properties that make it a functional fit for homes in most parts of the country. What works for mobile home manufacturers doesn't necessarily work for home buyers, and many choose to cover or remove the paneling entirely. Although vinyl is most common, mobile home paneling may also come in wood or several other materials.

According to Mobile Home Living, the cheapest and least time-consuming way to banish unsightly paneling is to simply paint over it. This can be done in many creative ways, including the addition of decals or stencils to further detract from the look of separated panels. Another way is to simply remove the paneling, a fairly time-consuming but extremely effective process. In most cases, once the paneling is completely removed, homeowners can simply paint over the dry wall underneath. A third option that presents a solid middle ground for many home owners is to add a 3-D texture to the walls, saving time while successfully covering up the paneling.