How Do You Know When Your Mobile Home Needs Re-Leveling?


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Signs that indicate a mobile home needs to be re-leveled include one or more doors that stick when closed, floors that have multiple soft spots and window latches that no longer close properly. Loose mobile home anchor straps and buckled skirting may also indicate a mobile home must be re-leveled.

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A mobile home may become uneven due to moisture from rain and snow. The moisture causes the concrete footers underneath the mobile home to shift and sink. A mobile home that sits on land that has a lake bed underneath may need to be re-leveled more often because the lake bed keeps the soil moist at all times. Placing a mobile home on blocks made from soft materials instead of concrete or hardwood blocks, or not using the correct number of blocks on each side, may also cause leveling issues over time.

Re-leveling a mobile home is necessary to prevent further damage. Additional signs that a mobile needs re-leveling include kitchen and bathroom countertops that bend or become loose, and cabinet doors that no longer open or close properly. Water that spills on the floor or on countertops and then runs to one side instead of pooling may also indicate the mobile home is not level.

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