How Do You Mix Roundup Pro?


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Roundup Pro is a herbicide that kills most weeds, brush and trees. Before starting, you need to have the concentrate, access to water and a handheld sprayer.

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  1. Prepare the handheld sprayer

    Open the top of the sprayer, and make sure any old residue is cleaned out. A simple wash with water will clean out any existing debris.

  2. Fill the tank with water

    Pour water into the tank with a hose. Keep note of how many gallons your sprayer holds.

  3. Add the Roundup Pro concentrate

    Pour the concentrate into the tank. For most residential jobs, you will need to add 2 ounces of Roundup Pro for each gallon of water.

  4. Agitate the sprayer

    Close the top of the sprayer and shake it to mix the water and Roundup Pro concentrate.

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