How Do You Mix Roundup Concentrate?


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With hands and eyes protected, fill a spray bottle three-quarters full with cool water, then add the concentrate. Shake the contents to mix them together, then top off the bottle with water and shake the contents again to completely mix.

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  1. Gather and wear safety equipment

    Wear gloves and eye protection when mixing to prevent the contents from getting in your eyes or on your skin.

  2. Fill the bottle

    Fill the spray bottle approximately three-quarters full with cool water, and add 6 ounces of regular Roundup concentrate or 2.5 ounces of Roundup super concentrate. Close the bottle and gently shake to mix the ingredients together.

  3. Top off with water

    Open the bottle and fill it to the top with more cool water, then close the bottle and shake again to completely mix the ingredients.

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