How Do You Mix Paint for Spraying?

Mixing up paint for spraying is relatively simple and the method involves running the paint through a strainer, selecting the right type of thinner and the actual mixing of the paint and thinner. One of the main of objectives of mixing paint for spraying is to make the paint thin enough to pass through the nozzle of the spray and yet still have the right density to provide proper coverage.

The following shows one method of mixing paint for spraying.

  1. Check the can for recommendations
  2. Paint may be thinned using different type of mixes and products depending on the type of paint to be used. Check the can for the recommended thinning agents to have the right type of mixer for the paint.
  3. Wear safety gear
  4. Wear goggles and a face mask before mixing the paint for safety.
  5. Strain the paint
  6. Shake the paint can well and then let the paint run through a paint strainer. This will help get lumps out that may block the nozzle.
  7. Test spray
  8. Test a small amount of the paint with the spraying before mixing. If it sprays continuously and has good coverage, it does not need to be thinned at all. However, if the sprayer sputters, then proceed with mixing the paint.
  9. Mix and test
  10. Pour the recommended thinner into the paint can and mix well. Check the label for the recommended paint-thinner ratio. Spray the mixture onto a different surface to check the coverage and paint consistency. Mix until the desired consistency and coverage is achieved.