How Do I Mix Concrete by Hand?

To mix concrete by hand, pour half of the ballast on the working surface, and make a crater in the middle. Pour cement into the crater, pour the remaining ballast over the cement, and mix with a shovel. Add water, and mix until the mixture is smooth and plastic.

  1. Clean the working area

    Clean the working surface with water and a brush to remove dirt and debris

  2. Measure the ingredients

    Measure half of the ballast, and pour it onto the mixing surface in a conical shape. Using a shovel, make a crater in the center of the heap. Measure the cement, and pour it into the crater. Pour the remaining ballast over the cement.

  3. Mix the ingredients

    Use a shovel to mix the ingredients, working around the heap and turning the mixture three to four times. Mix until the mixture turns gray.

  4. Add water

    Form another crater form in the mixture, and pour in a little water. Shovel the ballast from the sides into the crater, and turn the heap to distribute the water throughout the mixture. Add water as needed, and mix until the whole mixture is wet. Once wet, flatten the heap, and chop across its top until it becomes smooth.