How Do You Mix Burnt Orange Paint?

Burnt orange paint is a mix of mostly red, some yellow and a minuscule touch of blue. However, since this mixture involves all the primary colors, it can easily turn into muck instead of the burnt orange shade that is desired.

The key to burnt orange is to mix carefully. Since orange is a tertiary color, it is easiest to start with a bright orange paint and its tertiary friend, brown ? in this case, a darker brown. This orange requires a special touch to create warmth without looking flat.

Start with a larger amount of orange and slowly drip in dark brown. If it loses heat, add a few drops of red. If it is not rich enough, add a few drops of navy blue.

If the home-made mixture of paint isn't turning into the desired shade of burnt orange, a local paint store can produce the color professionally. This is also a good option when trying to match a previously-used burnt orange paint. Most paint stores can match any paint based on a sample, even a paint chip. If all else fails, buy it already mixed. Orange is a very popular color and most paint companies offer it in a variety of shades.