How Do You Mix 2, 4-D Weedkiller?


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To apply 2, 4-D herbicide with a backpack or pump sprayer, add 2.5 ounces of the herbicide to 1 gallon of water. This mixture is enough to treat 400 square feet of lawn by spraying it evenly over the grass without drenching it. To treat 800 square feet of lawn, combine 5 ounces of the herbicide with 2 gallons of water. To treat an area of 1200 square feet, combine 7.5 ounces of herbicide with 3 gallons of water.

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For spray applicators that attach to a hose, pour 2.5 ounces of herbicide in the applicator reservoir to treat lawns measuring 1000 square feet, or up to 16 ounces of herbicide for 2500 square feet lawns. Don't add water to the reservoir. Set the applicator dial to 2.5 ounces per gallon of water. Water automatically dilutes the herbicide as it passes through the applicator. To calculate the lawn's square footage and the right amount of herbicide, multiply the lawn's width by its length.

Spot-treat areas by mixing 1.5 tablespoons of herbicide in 1/2 gallon of water. Fill a misting bottle or handheld spray, and treat the area as needed without drenching it.

Apply 2, 4-D herbicide when the weeds are growing in early spring, and reapply in the fall. Spray the herbicide two days after mowing. If needed, mow the lawn again two days after applying the herbicide. Apply on windless days with temperatures below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

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