How Do You Miter Cut Quarter-Round Molding?

To miter cut quarter-round molding, take the room's measurements, and transfer them to the molding. After cutting the molding to length, make a 45-degree miter cut on one end, and then use a coping saw to trim the inside, so it fits over the rounded molding.

  1. Take measurements

    Use a tape measure to measure the base of the walls for the molding. Allow yourself room in the corners for coping the quarter round molding.

  2. Mark the measurements on the molding

    Apply the taken measurements to the molding, and mark with a pencil. Cut the molding to the specifications.

  3. Set the miter saw

    Slide the miter to a 45-degree angle, and lock into position.

  4. Make the inside cut

    With the miter saw set to a 45-degree angle, cut the inside of the molding at the 45-degree angle.

  5. Set the coping saw

    Place the coping saw at the top point of the molding. Angle it greater than 45 degrees, but starting at the mitered cut line.

  6. Trim out the cut

    Maintain the angle at more than 45 degrees. Starting from the top, and keeping to the mitered line, trim out the meaty end of the molding. A curved end should result.

  7. Install the mitered corner

    Check the coped corner against the top of another piece of molding. If it is snug, lay the straight piece of molding down so that it abuts the corner. Nail it in place. Lay the mitered piece of molding down, ensuring a tight fit in the corner, and nail it down.