What Is Miniwax Wood Putty?


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Minwax Wood Putty is a premixed, non-hardening compound that is used to fill in cracks and smooth out rough areas in wood. Minwax Wood putty comes in several colors designed to blend accurately with Minwax Wood Stains. Repairs that are made with Minwax Wood Putty are permanent; the putty bonds itself to the wood upon application.

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Minwax Wood Putty can be used on wood paneling, trim, doors and other woodwork. The wood can be bare, stained or completely finished before the putty is applied. To use Minwax Wood Putty, it's recommended that the application surface be clean and dry. Putty may be applied with a putty knife or by hand. For the putty to bond with the wood, it should be pressed firmly into the crevice or imperfection that it is filling. Different colors of putty can be blended to achieve a custom color. Excess putty can be gently cleaned off with water and soap. Minwax Wood Putty does not harden fully, so it cannot be sanded. Any staining or treating of the wood should be done prior to applying the wood putty. Minwax Wood Putty works best when used to fill in nail holes or small cracks and correct other minor surface imperfections.

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