What Are the Minimum and Maximum Heights From the Floor for a Gas Water Heater?


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The minimum height from the floor that a gas burning water heater can be installed at is 18 inches. There is no maximum height required from the floor to the water heater. However, for gas burning heaters, a vent needs to be installed to discharge air outside of the dwelling.

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This vent should extend five feet from the top of the water heater to where the vent disappears into the ceiling. This point is called a vent collar. The vent should then extend five feet above the vent collar before breaking through the roof to the outside. Once outside, the vent needs to rise above the roof for at least one foot. The vent should then be capped with a designated vent cap.

The vent itself should be composed of approved material that is in accordance with gas water heater installation codes. Preferred materials are galvanized or stainless steel. Aluminum should be avoided at all costs.

When installing a new water heater using an old vent, inspect the top of the old water heater. If black soot is found at the connection point between the old water heater and vent hood, then the vent is not safe to use. Do not install the new water heater using the old vent.

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