What Is a Mini Split Ac System?


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A mini split AC system is a ductless system for indoor climate control. Each mini split system features an outdoor unit and at least one indoor unit.

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Mini split units are connected with copper tubing and electrical wire. The outdoor unit pumps refrigerant through the tubing into indoor units. At this point, a fan dispenses the resultant cold air across the inner unit's evaporator coil, cooling the room or area to the desired temperature.

The mini split is a versatile climate control system that cools during the summer and heats during the winter. This system is ideal for retrofitting older homes not outfitted with ducting. It is also commonly used in new homes that can't readily accommodate traditional AC due to space constraints. Mini split installation only requires drilling small holes in floors or ceilings to connect indoor and outdoor components.

Typically, these holes range from 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Mini splits operate quietly and are readily expandable. Reducing ductwork can improve energy efficiency. In some cases, duct losses can account for a third of the energy consumed by indoor climate control systems. In addition, mini splits are unobtrusive and are easy to camouflage or integrate into any interior design.

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