What Are Some Mini Cactus Facts?


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Mini cacti are succulents that require well-drained soil, but they do not need much water, according to SFGate. Cactus plants go through a dormant period during the winter when they need little to no water. They also require infrequent fertilization.

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What Are Some Mini Cactus Facts?
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Gardeners should water the plant every week. Nurture the plant with water when the top half of the soil is dry. Add more water if the soil absorbs the water quickly, and keep watering until water leaks from the drainage holes.

During the winter season, the cacti should be placed in an indoor temperature of 65 to 90 degrees when they are actively growing. Place them in a temperature that is 45 to 55 degrees when they are in a dormant phase. They should be watered every few weeks during the winter. CactusInfo.net notes that shriveling is normal during the winter.

Cacti thrive on low-nitrogen fertilizers that are 5-10-10. They should be should be fed every two or three months. Time-released fertilizers are another alternative, but they should only be given once during the spring. Do not fertilize uprooted or newly potted plants.

Mini cacti need to be rotated periodically to ensure that all sides are getting enough sunlight. Cactus plants that are white or yellow on one side are getting too much sun. Place these plants within 4 feet of windows that face south or east.

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