What Is the Mimosa's Family Tree?


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The mimosa tree, or Albizia julibrissin, belongs to the pea family, or Fabaceae, in taxonomic classification. However, a crossword clue for mimosa family tree has the answer acacia. The acacia tree is a genus of the pea family, which includes 800 species. However, mimosa trees are not acacias in the literal sense, as the two types of trees are somewhat related but farther up the classification system.

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What Is the Mimosa's Family Tree?
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Mimosas grow to between 20 and 40 feet tall, and pink blooms typically open in June to July. This ornamental tree has an umbrella-like crown that provides shade underneath. Mimosas require full sun to partial shade, medium amounts of water and well-drained soil. These trees attract butterflies with their bright, showy flowers.

These flowering trees are native to Asia, especially from Iran to Japan. Mimosas are widely grown in North America, thriving in USDA hardiness Zones six to nine. The trees are popular in the southeastern United States and California, as mimosas do well during the hottest part of the summer. Mimosas grow as far north as New York and Massachusetts.

The genus, Albizia, is named for Filippo degli Albizzia, the naturalist who introduced mimosas to Italy in 1749. The species name, julibrissin, originates from the Persian word gul ebruschin, which means silk flower. Mimosa trees came to North America in 1785.

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