What Might Cause Leaking From Your GE Washing Machine?

A GE washing machine may leak water due to using too much detergent, a problem with the water pump or water line to the machine, or household plumbing issues, according to the GE Appliance website. Oil leaks require replacing the washer transmission.

When troubleshooting a leaky washing machine, GE recommends that owners determine what part of the machine is leaking, taking into account a sloping floor or other factors that may make a leak appear to be coming from elsewhere. Most leaks occur in the back, the front or underneath the washing machine.

It's common for new machines to leak from the rear when the red or blue drain plug is removed to attach the machine. This is due to factory testing. It's recommended that owners check the drain hose to make sure it's securely attached to the machine. If water is backing up into the machine, the owner may have a household plumbing issue.

Leaking in the front is usually due to water splashing into the overflow tube. This splashing may be caused by using too much detergent. Homes with water softeners may cause detergents to create more suds. GE recommends using less detergent. Front leaks may also be caused by the washer being overloaded or out of balance.

Leaking underneath the washer indicates a water pump issue. In this case, the pump needs to be replaced.