What Might Cause a GE Ice Maker to Stop Working?


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Some common problems that can cause an ice maker to fail includes blocked water fill tubes, clogged filters and a malfunctioning water inlet valve. In some situations, it is necessary to replace the ice maker assembly to repair the problem.

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The water fill tube and the fill cup can become blocked by ice. Examine the fill cup located at the back of the ice maker for ice or debris. After removing any blockages from the fill cup, examine the water inlet valve. To examine the inlet valve, disconnect the water source from the home to the ice maker, unplug the refrigerator, and locate the inlet valve tubing. Disconnect the inlet valve tubing, and examine the screen on the inlet valve connection for debris. Replace or clean the screen if it appears dirty, and test the ice maker to determine whether the problem is solved. If a screen isn't present or replacing the screen doesn't resolve the issue, test the inlet valve with a multi-meter, and replace the valve if necessary.

Some GE ice makers have an ice and water filter. Locate the filter using the owner's manual, and check the filter for debris. Replace the filter if it appears blocked. Replace the ice maker assembly if other repairs do not resolve the issue.

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