What Might Cause an Amana Fridge to Stop Working?


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If the Amana refrigerator light doesn't turn on or the unit cannot cool down, the problem with the fridge is likely electrical. If the light comes on but the refrigerator stays warm, the problem lies with the fans, compressor or another part of the unit.

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Some problems with cooling are fairly easy to fix. Amana refrigerators have thermostats that can be manually adjusted to change the target temperature. Before performing repair work, check the control interface to make sure it's at a proper setting. Thermometers can stop functioning correctly, which in turn causes the refrigerator to stop producing cold air. A replacement thermometer typically gets the unit running again.

Refrigerators work by compressing refrigerant, which causes the fridge to heat up. This refrigerant is cooled to the temperature of the room using small fans, and is then uncompressed. After decompression, the refrigerant reaches a much cooler temperature and can be circulated through the walls to cool the air inside the fridge. The compressor and refrigerant are considered the heart of the refrigerator, and since their components are used constantly, they are more prone to failure. Obstructed tubing within the walls of the refrigerator can cause the refrigerant to become stuck.

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