Are Miele Dishwashers Energy Efficient?


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As of February 2015, Miele dishwashers are considered energy efficient. While efficiency varies based on the model, every Miele dishwasher released in North America qualifies for the Energy Star program.

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Products qualify for the Energy Star program by exceeding government energy standards by at least 25 percent. Qualifying for the program makes owners of Miele dishwashers eligible for rebate programs. As of 2014, GoodGuide gave Miele an 8.0 environmental rating, which ranks among the top 5 percent among companies rated. The rating breakdown included a 10 out of 10 rating for Miele's products receiving the Energy Star certification, and a 7.3 rating for energy impact when compared with similar products.

Miele G 5000 range dishwashers, such as the Miele G 5675 SC SF Futura Dimension Series Dishwasher, are part of Miele's EcoLine appliances. These appliances use 0.94 kilowatt hours per wash cycle when the dishwasher is hooked up to a cold water source. Using a hot water source drops the consumption to 0.59 kilowatt hours. The dishwashers only use 2.64 gallons of water per wash cycle and generate 44 decibels of noise during a wash. The G 5675 has six different wash programs that can be adjusted based on the type of wash desired and the type of dishes being washed.

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