Why Do Microwaves Open From the Left Hand Side?


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Microwaves open from right to left to accommodate right-handed people. The hinges are on the left of the device, and the controls are usually in a panel on the right. The idea is that the door is opened with the left hand and the food handled with the right.

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As of 2015, the Bosch Company is offering two microwave models that can open from left to right. The Serie model 4 HMT72G450 and the Serie model 4 HMT84G651 allow consumers to choose hinges on the left or right. The first model is a free-standing counter-top unit that includes a grill. The second Serie microwave is a built-in model, also with a grill. It offers more high-end features.

Another invention, the microwave drawer, is easily accessed by left- and right-handed people. These units pull out like a cabinet drawer, allowing access to the cooking area from the top. The controls are also set along the top, above the handle. Microwave drawers are built-in models that fit on the sides of kitchen islands and under counter tops.

Built-in safety locks are included to prevent kids from opening the microwaves when adults are not around.. Bosch is one of the firms that is offering this new technology.

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