How Do Microwave Toaster Combos Work?


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A microwave and toaster combination cooking appliance works by combining a toaster unit within the body of a microwave. Both the toaster and the microwave can be used simultaneously to cook food. The microwave and toaster combination provides the cooking abilities of an oven and a toaster in one unit.

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The microwave and toaster combination unit works to perform the role of an oven and toaster to save food preparation time, while also conserving counter space. However, this combination unit is larger than either a toaster or a microwave alone. The microwave part of the unit can cook food faster than an oven, and perform reheat and defrost functions. However, it cannot perform all of the roles of an oven, making the toaster part of the unit useful for browning and creating certain food textures. Cooking in both the microwave and toaster portion of the unit can be digitally controlled on a horizontal touch pad.

The LG brand of the microwave and toaster combination unit uses 900 watts of power. The toaster uses 800 to cook foods quickly and conveniently and provides nine levels of toast browning, while the microwave offers .9 cubic feet of space. An auto-cook option prevents errors in cooking time and regulates the energy used to cook food.

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