What Are Some Microwave Repair Tips?


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Microwave repair tips include inspecting the line fuse and ensuring the door switch is operating properly. Issues with either of these two components typically result in a non-functional appliance. Additional tips include inspection and testing the main control board, thermal fuse and themroprotector.

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For safety reasons, unplug the microwave from its power source before attempting any repair work. Inspection and replacement of a blown line fuse is a relatively simple operation that can restore function to appliances that have experienced power surges and excess current. Test fuses using a multimeter. Replace any fuses that lack continuity, and attempt to ascertain any underlying electrical issues that may have caused the problem.

Microwaves that suffer from overheating may have faulty thermoprotectors. When functioning properly, this device cuts power to the microwave in response to unsafe temperatures. Use a multimeter to test the continuity of a thermoprotector. A faulty main control board may be the source of some problems, but such issues are infrequent. Test and replace the main control board only after ensuring that all other parts and components are in good working condition. Replacing a main control board can be dangerous due to the risk of electrical shock from the high-voltage capacitor.

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