What Does a Microwave Filter Do?

Microwave filters are used to absorb pollutants that are produced when cooking in your microwave.They also trap rising steam, grease particles and cut down on unpleasant odors. This ensures the quality of the original taste of the food.

Regular care and maintenance are necessary to keep a microwave filter functioning properly. Once a charcoal filter becomes full, approximately every six months, it needs to be replaced. A grease filter, however, can be cleaned by soaking it once a month in hot water and detergent, then lightly scrubbing it.

Another way to tackle dirty microwave filters is to keep your oven clean. Food particles that build up on the inside of the walls can cause it to work harder at trapping odors. Gently wiping the inside of the microwave after each use is an option.

Commercial cleaners can be harsh and abrasive on a microwave. Use vinegar and water by filling a bowl and heating it. The steam will loosen any dried food particles, making it easier to clean. Lemon juice and water is also an effective mix if used in the same way, and it leaves a fresh scent.

Remember to always read the instruction manual before performing any tasks on a microwave oven.