What Is a Microwave Confection Oven?


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A convection microwave oven combines the quick-cooking aspect of a microwave and the browning and infrared heating aspects of a convection oven together into one machine. The convection microwave oven uses an additional heat source and a fan in addition to the traditional microwave heating of a standard microwave

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A convection microwave oven can not only cook food quickly, but it can also give the food a browned and crisped outside like a conventional convection oven can. The bulbs inside it heat the food’s surface with infrared radiation, while it is also being heated through microwave radiation and through contact with the heated air via conduction. This combination allows foods to reach Maillard reactions at temperatures that a normal microwave cannot reach, while also producing a texture and taste more similar to that of a conventional oven.

A true convection microwave oven also has a high-velocity fan so that the hot air is circulated uniformly and the food is cooked evenly. Although not overly large, a microwave convection oven sometimes requires more space than a standard microwave, due to the cooking area inside typically being slightly larger. These ovens can produce smoke from burning food that has gotten on the bottom or sides of the machine. Many different companies produce these ovens, including Wolf, G.E., Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Daewoo.

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