What Is a Micathermic Heater?


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A micathermic heater has a heating element that is covered by thin sheets of mica. It is thin and economical to use and evenly distributes heat by convection and radiation. It also heats up more quickly than a conventional space heater and is less prone to overheating.

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A traditional space heater produces its heat by blowing air from a fan over a metal filament or wire excited by electricity; however, thin sheets of mica, a type of stone that conducts heat very well, encase the heating element of a micathermic heater. The mica of the micathermic space heater space heater produces radiant heat with electromagnetic waves. Like the sun, these waves warm everything they touch. Convection also generates heat through a cycle of rising warm air pushing down the cooler air to be heated until the room reaches a comfortable temperature.

A micathermic space heater is more economical to use than a conventional forced-air heater because the mica holds heat for a long time and still radiates heat after it's been turned off. A thin heating element gives this heater such a thin profile that it can hang on the wall and use no floor space. A micathermic space heater not only has overheat protection and a tip-switch, the stone-encased heating element offers greater protection from burn injuries and fires.

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