What Are Some Methods Used to Hide Basement Poles?


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Some methods of hiding basement poles and support columns are covering the pole with a column wrap or decorative material; using it as part of a bookshelf or media center; incorporating it into an archway, room divider or other architectural feature; or turning it into a wine rack. Incorporate a column into a room's design by making it the center of a seating unit or the anchor of an island, or hang art or plants from the pole.

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Hardware and home stores sell column wraps, which typically consist of two plastic halves that join to conceal the pole. Kits often include bases and caps to create a decorative or architectural look.

Other ways to hide a pole include wrapping it with rope, building four wood panels around it, covering it with stonework or building a box over it with reclaimed wood planks. These methods not only hide the pole, but add texture and interest to the room.

Incorporate a support column as part of shelving by using it as one end of a shelving unit, hanging cantilevered planks off it, supporting shelves between two posts or making the pole the center of a set of shelves. The column can also be incorporated in a room divider with storage or made part of a media center for holding a television and related components. This approach has the added benefit of creating places to store objects or display keepsakes.

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