What Are Some Methods of Quackgrass Control?


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Quackgrass can be controlled by masking its presence through nitrogen fertilization, digging up patches, covering it with plastic or using herbicides. Some gardeners also choose to treat it as a lawn rather than a weed and simply mow it.

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Fertilizing a lawn with nitrogen fertilizer and mowing more often than usual can strengthen the grass to fight back against the quackgrass; this method can only be used during wet summers. It is possible to dig up patches of quackgrass and reseed the topsoil, but because quackgrass rhizomes can grow up to 8 feet deep, this method does not always work. Laying plastic over the quackgrass for about a week traps heat near the soil and kills the quackgrass. Non-selective herbicides also kill quackgrass but must be applied carefully so the surrounding lawn is not killed.

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