What Are Some Methods Professionals Use to Exterminate Rodents?


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Professional pest control companies exterminate rodents by inspecting the entire home and sealing entry points. This is done before trapping and killing the rodents, since it prevents more rats and mice from coming inside the home. The next steps include trapping the rodents, then cleaning up the waste.

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The entire home needs to be inspected, even if the homeowner only spotted rodents in one area. This gives the professional a map of where the traps need to be set. This inspection not only looks for signs of rodents based on droppings and damage to the home, but it also helps them look for possible entry points. After inspecting the home, the professional then seals all rooms in the home, including the attic, basement and roof. Some areas are sealed not because there is a crack, but because the material is something that a rat or mouse can chew threw.

The next step is extermination. The pest control professional does not use poison but instead uses different types of traps. The types of rodents found in the home determine which traps work best. A mouse trap is lightweight and catches a mouse, but a rat can escape it without much harm. Snap traps are often used since they work fast and keep the rodent there for easy collection later.

After leaving the traps out, the professional comes back after a few hours or days to remove all of the rodents that were caught. This process might be repeated a few times to ensure all rodents have been caught.

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