What Are Some Methods of Mole Extermination?


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Methods of mole extermination include spraying the lawn with a castor oil mixture, using poisonous baits and using traps. A combination of methods is often used to completely remove moles.

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What Are Some Methods of Mole Extermination?
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To get rid of moles, mix 1 cup castor oil with 2 tablespoons dish detergent in a gallon of water. Pour the mixture into a garden sprayer, and spray the mixture onto and inside each mole tunnel on the property. Respray monthly to maintain the effectiveness of the solution. Remove tall grass and debris, such as tree limbs, to help identify hidden tunnels.

Poisonous baits are used in areas where a small number of moles are present, and they must be eaten by the mole to work effectively. Place the baits near and inside the mole's tunnels, and replace as needed. Poisonous baits should only be used in areas that pets and children cannot reach.

Reusable traps are often used when there are many moles living on a property. Reusable traps feature snapping mechanisms that require frequent cleaning and resetting. Place traps inside the entrances to mole tunnels, and lightly cover them with soil. Remove any moles that have been captured daily, then reset and replace the trap to eradicate moles on the property.

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