What Are Some Methods of Indoor Mosquito Control?


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Natural products, such as neem oil and essential oils, can help control and repel mosquito populations. To control mosquito populations indoors, it is necessary to eliminate the pest's breeding grounds outdoors.

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What Are Some Methods of Indoor Mosquito Control?
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To control mosquito populations inside the home, begin by removing standing water outdoors. Clean birdbaths and pet bowls daily, and mow the lawn often to reduce the attractiveness of the lawn. After mowing, rake the lawn to remove grass clippings and dead leaves, and then dispose of them to prevent mosquitoes from locating water sources. Apply a neem-oil repellent to areas in which mosquitoes are most frequently noticed outdoors, and apply a small amount of the neem oil around windows and other entrances into the home.

A repellent made with essential oils can prevent bites from mosquitoes that are in the home. To make a repellent, mix 110 drops of lemon eucalyptus with two tablespoons of olive oil and two tablespoons of witch hazel. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator, and shake well before use. This repellent can be used on the skin to prevent bites, or it can be sprayed around the home to encourage the pests to leave.

Planting Thai lemongrass around the home can help keep mosquitoes away from the property. Thai lemongrass contains citronella, which is the active ingredient in many types of commercial mosquito repellents. The interior of the plant can also be used as an effective repellent when rubbed directly on the skin.

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