What Are Some Methods of Getting Rid of Yellow Sac Spiders?

The best method for getting rid of yellow sac spiders is to remove all eggs, sacs and spider webs. This prevents the spider from returning to the same area. A yellow sac spider bite causes swelling and nausea, so it is important to remove evidence of the spiders without coming into close contact with the spider. Vacuum up eggs and spider webs, and then discard the vacuum bag.

Another method for getting rid of yellow sac spiders is to make the infested environment less conducive to this kind of spider. For example, yellow sac spiders prey on small insects such as small gnats and ants. Removing garbage daily and sealing fruit in airtight containers eliminates common prey for yellow sac spiders. Yellow sac spiders thrive in moist, dark environments, so clear out clutter and piles of yard debris. In addition, seal up entry points in the home and dry out any areas that have been exposed to moisture.

If these methods are not effective, use chemicals to destroy and prevent yellow sac spiders. Pyrethrin sprays are very effective at killing spiders on contact. However, this chemical is less effective over time, so it needs to be applied periodically. Pesticide dust is a great option for areas of the home or yard that are not often used. If all else fails, an exterminator is the best option for completely removing a yellow sac spider infestation.