What Are Some Methods of Getting Rid of a Skunk?


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Trapping and exclusion are common methods to get rid of a skunk. Repellents, property maintenance and sanitation techniques are often combined with trapping and exclusion methods to prevent and treat skunk infestations. To make the property less appealing to skunks, remove debris, and store food sources in a secure location. Place live traps in the affected areas to capture the skunk, or install fencing to prevent the skunks from entering the affected areas.

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Place pet food indoors at night, and place garbage in sealed containers to avoid attracting skunks to the property. Avoid overwatering the lawn to reduce the presence of grubs, which are one of the skunk's food sources. If skunks persist, install fencing around the affected areas. To prevent digging under fencing, bury the fencing 12 to 18 inches underground, with the bottom 6 inches of fence bent outward.

Live traps are an alternative to fencing. Place the trap in the affected area, bait the trap with cat food, canned fish or peanut butter. Cover the trap with canvas, allowing the ends of the trap to remain uncovered, and check the trap frequently. Once caught, relocate the animal according to local regulations.

In some regions, skunks can be euthanized if they are causing property damage. Consult local regulations before euthanizing or disposing of the animal, as a permit or other authorization is required in some regions.

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