What Are Some Free Methods of Electrical Conduit Bending?


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One method for bending an electrical conduit is to use a bender and a level to alter its shape. After measuring and marking the conduit to determine how long the bend needs to be, position the front of the bender over the conduit pipe, and ensure the front arrow is properly lined up and the right side of the bender shoe aligns with the markings. Apply leverage to the bender until the conduit achieves the desired shape.

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To ensure accurate results, always place the conduit pipe on a level floor before bending. Apply slow, even pressure to the handle of the bender, pulling it back while maintaining solid foot pressure on the heel. Benders are typically marked along the side to make determining a 30, 60 and 90 degree easier. After bending, always use a level or measuring tape to verify the conduit is at the proper angle. Ensure the conduit is resting on a flat surface when taking any measurements.

Electrical conduits are designed to protect wires from damage and bond to the ground throughout the circuit. Always inspect the conduit thoroughly to ensure the bending process did not cause any damage that may lead to a potential safety hazard. Use surplus conduit pipe to practice the bending process and become familiar with the technique.

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