What Methods Are Available to Kill Bed Bugs?


There are two main methods for getting rid of bed bugs: hiring a pest control company or using home remedy treatments. The first option is by far the easiest and most effective; however, it is also more expensive. Home remedies are possible, but they require patience, systematic work and diligence.

To get rid of bed bugs at home without a pest control company, one must begin systematically with the bed. Strip and vacuum the mattresses and box springs, then encase them. Bed-bug-proof encasements can be bought at Sears, Target and Walmart, as well as online. Double bag all of the bedding and wash it in hot water. Dry the bedding for at least 30 minutes. Make sure to empty the vacuum bag outside and double bag it, then throw away the bedding bags outside as well.

After treating the mattresses and bedding, treat the bed frame with a safe insecticide spray or dust. Buy and place interceptors under the foot of each bedpost to trap any bed bugs from moving back onto the bed. Be careful not to let any bedding touch the floor or other furniture when putting it back on the bed.

Separate treated and untreated furniture. Double bag all clothes and small items until they can be properly treated. Wash clothing and washable items with the same method used for bedding. All other items need to be stored tightly bagged for two to five months. Warm temperatures help to kill bed bugs faster. Continue to treat rooms systematically by checking all crevices and cracks, outlets and blinds. Look and treat everywhere by vacuuming and using safe insecticides.