What Is the Best Method to Prevent Mosquito Bites on Babies?


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Prevent babies from getting mosquito bites by keeping houses and yards clean and tidy, using screens and nets and dressing them in protective clothing. Avoid using products with strong fragrances, and use insect repellents that are safe for infants.

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Mosquito bites cause itchiness and swelling, and in some cases, they carry illnesses such as dengue and malaria. To minimize a baby's exposure to mosquitoes, eliminate the places where they breed around homes and gardens. Wash all containers after use, and replace any standing water with clean water every day. Cover exposed foods, and do not leave used plates out, especially in a baby's room.

Dress a baby in full-length clothes. Light-colored clothing is preferable, as it does not attract insects. In areas where mosquito infestation is unavoidable, install a mosquito net over in a baby's crib. Cover doors and windows with mesh or screens with holes small enough to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

Avoid going outdoors with a baby during the evening and early morning when mosquitoes are more active. When going outside, apply insect repellent that has been approved for use with infants, such as products with pediatric-approved DEET. Do not to use products with strong scents on a baby, as these fragrances attract mosquitoes and other bugs.

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