What Is the Best Method for Getting Rid of Rust?

Get rid of rust by applying a paste of baking soda and water to the rusted part and scrubbing the area with fine steel wool. White vinegar, when applied full-strength, also removes rust from metal.

Apply a paste of baking soda and water to rusted metal to remove rust from it. Allow the baking soda to work on the area for a while. Scrub the rusted part with steel wool or sand paper. Rinse with water. Reapply the paste, and repeat the process for heavy rust.

White vinegar is a natural rust remover. To remove rust, pour full-strength white vinegar on the rusted area or soak the object in a container filled with white vinegar. Follow by using sand paper or steel wool to remove any remaining rust.

Use mineral spirits to remove rust from metal objects, such as metal tools. Pour mineral spirit in a can. Dip steel wool into the solution. Apply the solution to the rusted part, and scrub the area with the steel wool. Repeat the process until all the rust is removed.

Remove deep-seated rust from a large metal object with a sander or a shop grinder. Scour the rusted area with a metal-grit sanding paper or grinder wheels to remove the rust.