Does a metal roof need a ridge vent?


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A metal roof can be installed without using a ridge vent, assuming adequate ventilation is achieved by other methods. Metal tends to generate more heat than other roofing materials, so adequate ventilation is necessary and ridge vents are one of the most effective ways to do so.

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A ridge vent is essentially a gap, covered by a cap of roofing material, that is cut along the entire length of the peak of the roof. Heated air in the attic, which naturally rises, exits through this vent drawing fresh air in through vents in the soffit, lower on the roof. This method of ventilation is effective since it relies on the natural convection currents of heated air. One of the other methods of ventilation replaces the vent in the ridge for vents in the gables of the house. Gable vents, which tend to be smaller in surface area than a ridge vent, are also not appropriate for every style of house.

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