How Is a Metal Ridge Vent Installed on the Roof?


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To install a metal ridge vent on a roof, remove the shingle caps, cut off the roof peak, attach, install ridge vent shingles, and attach roofing straps. The required supplies include a ladder, a pry bar, roofing nails, a circular saw, a chalk line and end plugs.

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Use a pry bar and claw hammer to remove the shingle caps on the roof peak. Snap chalk lines 1 inch below both sides of the peak. Measure the combined depth of the shingles and roof deck, set a circular saw to cut at that depth, and cut off the portion of the peak between the chalk lines.

Attach an end plug to one vent section, set it at one end of the roof peak, and nail it down. Lay another vent section next to the first, with a slight overlap. Press the vent pieces until they click together, and then secure the second section with roofing nails. Repeat this until you come to the final vent piece. Attach an end cap to it, snap it over the adjacent panel and secure it with nails.

Install shingle caps on both sides of the roof peak so that the edges cover the vent nails. Nail metal roof straps over the overlapping edges of the vent sections.

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