How Is Mesh Used in Concrete Repairs?


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Mesh is lain over a damaged surface before pouring fresh concrete to provide the finished surface or structure with superior support. Due to its greater flexibility, mesh is easier to work with than other materials like rebar, which are used to reinforce concrete. When repairing horizontal surfaces, mesh is lain on top of the damaged area before pouring fresh concrete.

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While mesh lacks the strength of rebar and other construction materials used to reinforce load-bearing concrete, its flexibility makes it an ideal resource for performing repairs. Pouring concrete over wire mesh produces a stronger and more durable finished surface. Mesh is also used to provide structural support when using liquid concrete to repair a vertical surface or structure.

When using mesh to perform repairs, proper positioning is important to ensure the mesh does not protrude above the level of the concrete, which may create an unattractive finish. The process of repairing cracked concrete involves cleaning the crack and surrounding areas to remove all loose concrete and debris before placing the mesh and then either stitching the cracks or pouring fresh concrete into the crack, hole or fissure. Additional structural supports, stone chips and other filler materials may be required depending on the size of the damage.

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