What Merchandise Does the MacKenzie-Childs Outlet Carry?

What Merchandise Does the MacKenzie-Childs Outlet Carry?

The MacKenzie-Childs outlet carries a wide variety of handmade merchandise for the home and garden, including furniture, kitchenware, decorative home accessories and products for children. This company also offers numerous gifts, and it organizes several gift ideas according to price range.

The MacKenzie-Childs company specializes in handcrafted furniture, ceramics and other home furnishings. Each item is a unique, collectible piece of art. MacKenzie-Childs products are designed and created by artisans on a small, rural farm in central New York.

Products for the kitchen include ceramic plates, bowls, platters and serving dishes in a large assortment of colors and designs. Unique kitchen accessories, such as aprons, tea sets and canisters, are also offered. In addition, the MacKenzie-Childs outlet carries a large assortment of enamelware products, decorative glassware and dinnerware for children.

The MacKenzie-Childs outlet carries both indoor and outdoor furniture. Sofas, chairs and ottomans are complimented by a unique assortment of tables, bureaus, dressers and chests for indoor decoration. Brightly colored outdoor chairs, swings and tables feature unusual woven-wicker designs. Fabric accessories, such as pillows, are also available.

The MacKenzie-Childs outlet offers gift ideas for special occasions, such as weddings or housewarmings. Gift ideas for business, children and pets are organized in separate sections, making them easy to find. Gift cards are also available.