What Are Some Merchandise That ABB Distributors Sell?


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ABB Distributors is a global manufacturer of power and automation equipment for businesses and individual customers that produces equipment ranging from AC/DC drives to transformers. ABB Distributors may also work with companies to determine what products they need to provide services to customers.

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ABB Distributors works primarily with companies in the manufacturing industries and utilities. The company's merchandise can include large equipment requiring a special crew to install and maintain it. Other examples of products are listed below, as noted by ABB.com:

  • Drives: Also known as variable speed drives, these systems sit between the electrical power source and motor in an operation. They adjust the frequency and voltage provided to the motor to make more efficient use of electricity.
  • Motors and generators: The force behind any operation, ABB Distributors motors and generators provide power or mechanical energy to run equipment.
  • Low-voltage to high-voltage products: ABB Distributors provides the electricals for business operation including lighting, buses, circuit breakers, modular housing and switchgear.
  • Actuators: ABB Distributors provides these simple motor mechanisms for pneumatic equipment and also provides other measurement and analytic equipment.
  • Programmable logic controllers: Useful for controlling automated equipment, these PLCs come in handy along with control panels and operating software.
  • Transformers: These pieces of equipment are useful for utilities that need to convert AC power from their lines to a lower voltage for homes.
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