How Do I Get Melted Plastic Off My Stove Burner?

To remove melted plastic from a coil or disk stove burner, increase the ventilation, set the burner on low, rub the plastic with a spoon, and set the burner on high until the plastic residue burns up. This 30-minute process requires a fan, a wooden spoon and paper towels.

  1. Increase the ventilation

    Open all nearby doors and windows for ventilation. If the stove has an exhaust fan, turn it on the highest setting.

  2. Heat the burner

    Set the burner to low, and let it soften the plastic for about a minute. To avoid damaging your scraping utensil, do not use a higher heat setting.

  3. Scrape away the plastic

    Set a roll of paper towels next to the stove, and tear off several sheets. Scrape the softened plastic with a long wooden spoon. After each pass, wipe the spoon with the paper towels. This prevents the plastic from hardening on the spoon and ruining it. Switch to fresh paper towels when necessary. Repeat this step until only a thin layer of plastic residue remains on the burner.

  4. Incinerate the plastic residue

    Set the burner to its highest setting, and leave it on until the plastic residue burns up. Keep the windows open and the exhaust fan on until the fumes dissipate.