How Do You Find Mehu-Maija Juicers and Replacement Parts?


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Places to buy the Mehu-Maija juicer and replacement parts include eBay and the Mehu-Liisa website. Buyers can also find juicers and parts on Craigslist, in thrift stores and in local newspaper classified listings.

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The Mehu-Maija went out of production in the 1990s, so the machine and parts are no longer available new. The drain hose from its replacement, the Mehu-Liisa, fits the older Mehu-Maija machines, and it is available for sale on the company's website.

Buyers may also be able to find complete Mehu-Maija juicers on eBay. Other potential sources are thrift stores, the Craigslist appliances section, newspaper classified ads and thrift stores.

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