What Medicinal Plants Are Native to India?


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Medicinal plants native to India include emblica officinalis, saraca asoca, withania somnifera and phyllanthous amarus. More examples are aegle marmelos, mucuna truriens and commiphora wightii.

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Emblica officinalis, also known as amala, takes approximately four years to mature. It gets its medicinal value from its fruit. It cures coughs, hyper-acidity and colds. Saraca asoca, or ashok, takes aproximately 10 years to grow to maturity. Its medicinal value is in its bark flower. It relieves menstrual pain and diabetes and cures uterine disorders.

Withania somnifera, more commonly referred to as aswagandha, takes about a year to mature. The parts used for medicinal purposes are its roots and leaves. It's used to treat nerve disorders and to relieve stress. Phyllanthous amarus, or bhumi amla, also takes approximately one year to grow to maturity. All its parts have medicinal value, and it's used to treat jaundice, anemia and edema.

Aegle marmelous, or bael, takes about four years to mature. The parts used for medicinal purposes are its fruit and bark. It treats diarrhoea, constipation and dystentry. Commiphora wightii, more commonly known as guggul, matures in approximately eight years. Apart from being a laxative, it treats arthritis and paralysis.

Mucuna truriens gets its medicinal value from the roots, seeds and leaves. It treats constipation, edema and nervous disorders.

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