What Meats Can You Grind in an Electric Meat Grinder?


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Any type of meat can be ground in an electric meat grinder, but people who use them should be sure the meat is cold, free of sinew, and the blades should be kept sharp for best results. Individuals should also chill the meat between grinds for the best tasting meat.

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There are a number of reasons why people should choose to grind meat instead of buying it in stores. Meat ground at home is often safer. The meat available in stores may contain meat from hundreds of different animals, so the chance of contamination is much higher. When grinding at home, only a small number of animals are used.

Meat ground at home also tastes better. Again, when ground meat is bought at a supermarket, there is no telling what animal parts are in the meat. When grinding at home, the individual has control over what type of meat is used.

Home grinding also gives the meat a better texture. Those who buy meat in the grocery store may find that it has been sitting in packaging for days. This slowly compresses and oxidizes it, changing the texture. When grinding is done at home, the meat remains loose and has more moisture and better texture, improving the dining experience.

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